Home of the Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club.
Home of the Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club.

2016 Ride Review

TERC Ride Review by President Micahel Combe
Another successful Tenterfield Ride and one of our best ever.
77 riders attended the first Hendra Vac only trial event last weekend in the Girard State Forest and were treated to perfect calm autumn weather conditions, a choice of 5 scenic horse rides over 2 days on clearly marked tracks from an improved Ride Base. With every horse attending vaccinated for Hendra the risk from the virus was totally eliminated, simplifying protocols for Ride Organiser, Vets, TPR’s and riders. The atmosphere was relaxed, friendly and positive. The Tenterfield Club and guests celebrated the Clubs 30th Anniversary with a fully catered hearty meal, free champagne and triple choco chocolate cake on Saturday night. Party highlights included trivia games and the most handsome man in a pink hat, coits and botchi games were played. The fun was infectious and extended to every camp around the ground and into the vetting area, check points and time gates. Completions in all rides were very high and Karen Anderson was first across the line riding Malleegrove Samasara for the 100k ride in a competitive time of 7hrs 47mins. Other division winners included Tad Cossins in the HW and Racheal Kuns in the LWT. Everyone was engaged with the Safety First theme & riding to the conditions and there were no horse treatments. Supporters for the ride came Townsville and Kilkivan, the Tenterfield Shire Council, Spring Mountain, Lake Manchester. Both the AERA and QERA Presidents completed the Sunday training ride We ran a succesful ride & recommend that riders vaccinate their horses for the mutual safety of everyone attending endurance rides and to eliminate the stress for organisers trying to run horse events in this new climate of Bio Security rules.


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