Home of the Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club.
Home of the Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club.

Biosecurity Protocols 2016 Ride


The Tenterfield Ride Organising Committee invite nominations for the Tenterfield Endurance Event to be held 30th April – 1st May 2016 at Girard SF Endurance Base. The Tenterfield Endurance Event is QERA affiliated and is being run as a Hendra Vaccinated Horse Only Trial Event. The Ride Program features 20k and 40k rides on Saturday and Sunday and an 80/100k elevator ride on Sunday. Nominations for the Tenterfield Ride will only be accepted via www.Trybooking.com.au
Horse Eligibility
Eligible horses must be presented with a current Hendra Vaccination Certificate, a completed and signed Horse Health Declaration Form and Horse Log Book (where available). Hendra Vaccinated eligible horses will have had the first and second primary vaccination no later than 6 weeks and 3 weeks prior to the Tenterfield Ride or had the last Hendra booster vaccination at a maximum 7 months prior to the Event. Relevant Vaccination Dates for the Tenterfield Ride include:
Last Hendra Booster on or after 30 Sept 2015
1st Primary Hendra Vaccination on or before 18 March 2016
2nd Primary Hendra Vaccination on or before 8 April 2016
Tenterfield Ride 30 April – 1 May.

Responsible persons with Hendra Vaccinated horses that do not meet the above horse eligibility criteria are advised to contact the Ride Organiser prior to nominating for the Tenterfield Event.

Biosecurity Protocols
1. The Ride Base will be closed to all horse entry until 7am Friday 29th April 2016. Early entry to the Ride Base can only be given by application to the ROC before 22 April 2016.
2. A Biosecurity Check including verification of Horse identification, Hendra vaccination status and horse health declaration will be undertaken before nominated horses enter the Ride Base.
3. Responsible persons for nominated horses in their care must produce copy of Hendra Vaccination Certificate(s), completed and signed Horse Health declaration(s) and Horse Log book(s) where applicable.
4. Ineligible Horses and handlers will not be permitted to enter the Ride Base but may rest their horses at the down-stream general public rest area before leaving the district.

Venue- Girard State Forest, Bruxner Hwy North of Drake NSW 2372

Contact ; Caroline Windle 0427364612 or email [email protected]


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