Home of the Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club.
Home of the Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club.

Caroline Windle

Caroline got involved in endurance riding shortly after arriving in Australia in 1988. Her first training ride was in 1990 and first Endurance ride in 1994. Without realising it she was hooked!!
Caroline has been involved with a number of clubs and all aspects of running a ride from track marking and check points to ride secretary, TPR steward and Chief steward. Caroline is also a FEI 3* Judge and MCP steward. Caroline has a true appreciation of the work involved just to keep our fabulous sport running. "GO OUT AND JOIN A CLUB AND HELP NOW THE REWARDS ARE FANTASTIC"

Caroline has completed several Quilties, Shahzada's (both mini and full) Far-a-way as well as State champs and many other endurance and training rides.

Caroline's main passion is horses and actually riding and breeding horses.
'Nothing beats owning, breeding and then competing on your own horse and I have been very fortunate to be able to do that.. for us TO COMPLETE IS TO WIN. The more you learn the more you realise how little you know!'
As long as our horses are fit, well and happy and managed to our best ability that's the winner for me.'
Of course on a human front I have met some fabulous friends who have the same passion as me and that makes the sport even more special. Those times around the camp fire are often priceless!! We belong to a great and committed club. Come and Join us!!'

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