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Tenterfield Ride 2020 Confirmation

The Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club Inc (TERC) was established in 1986, is affiliated with QERA and has run annual endurance rides for over 30 years excepting postponement due to floods in 2015 and cancellation due to wildfires in 2019.  With QERA leading the way in 2016 TERC was the first Club to run a trial HeV ride in the SEQ/NNSW Region.  Given the chance, numerous long-standing Endurance Clubs also opted to run HeV rides from this time onward.  TERC  communicated to QERA by email (29/2/16), formal letter (31/1/17) and at the Fernvale biosecurity forum in March 2016 why the Club chooses to run HeV rides.  In short, it’s simpler, it’s safer and it’s smarter.


TERC ran successful HeV events in 2016, 2017 and 2018 without external financial assistance.   In 2019 Tenterfield willingly moved off its traditional May ride date so that Stirling Crossing could run a TQ19 rehearsal ride.  Subsequently in Sept 2019 wildfire impacted 95% of our track and burnt the ride base forcing the cancellation of the planned HeV Tenterfield ride that year.  QERA support for HeV rides has been inconsistent: initially encouraging, later indifferent and more lately hostile towards any Club choosing to run a HeV ride.  Witness the vexatious and divisive motion put forward at the 2019 AGM to compel Clubs to run open rides!


When deciding to run HeV rides, TERC has relied on QERA’s Risk Management Policy, advice from the Equine Veterinary Association, Biosecurity Qld, Biosecurity NSW, and the RSPCA.  That advice has not changed.  Without exception, all qualified professional advice is that “vaccination is the most effective way to minimize the risk of Hendra virus”.  HeV rides are the most effective way for Tenterfield to run safe horse events at our particular location.


Tenterfield has a lot to offer endurance riding with great tracks in a forest setting.  We are excited to announce that the Club has explored new tracks with abundant water, fantastic scenery and a new ride base that can be run in conjunction with our existing base and tracks or as a stand-alone ride to provide even more variety to your endurance experience.  All this is now on hold.  The risk management standard set by our Club is a responsibility of the Ride Organising Committee, is overwhelmingly supported by our Club members, attending vets and volunteers and is not for negotiation.  Tenterfield Club ride status is confirmed as a HeV ride.


Our Club is anxious to continue on the ride calendar as an affiliated ride with QERA.  The loss of numerous long-standing rides from the ride calendar in 2020 resulting from a reckless motion is a lamentable outcome for all members of NRZ, QERA, and NSWERA and is of great concern.  No one wants to lose the richness and diversity our sport has to offer.  We hope that the impasse can be resolved quickly and that Tenterfield Club can be running Endurance Rides for everyone soon with QERA’s blessing and support.

Michael Combe

President TERC Inc

on behalf of members.


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