Home of the Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club.
Home of the Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club.

Tenterfield Ride is Hendra Vacinated Horses Only

Tenterfield Club wish to advise that the annual Tenterfield Endurance Event on 30th April/1st May 2016 at Girard Forest featuring 20k and 40k rides each day and an 80/100k elevator ride will be run as a Hendra vaccinated horse only “test event”. Hendra vaccinated horses only will be eligible to participate at Tenterfield Endurance Ride. The Tenterfield ROC has come to this decision after much deliberation so that the risk to horses is minimised and public safety requirements are met.

The Hendra vaccination procedure requires an initial Hendra vaccination followed by a booster vaccination 3 weeks later. Full Hendra protection to the horse is effective 3 weeks after the booster vaccination and 6 weeks from the initial vaccination. Therefore anyone with a horse that is currently unvaccinated against Hendra and intending to attend the Tenterfield Endurance Ride has until 17 March to commence the Hendra vaccination procedure to be eligible to attend the Tenterfield Endurance Event.
Full details about biosecurity protocols for the Tenterfield Ride will be available later this week.

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