Home of the Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club.
Home of the Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club.

Vicki Gaillard

I competed in the very first endurance ride in this area at Toonumbah Dam, in 1983 (I think) 50kms with fairly hazy rules. As Secretary of the Northern Rivers Arabian Horse Association for more years than I remember I was heavily involved in the running of the Nimbin Endurance Ride, where my fondest memory is of Bob Sample heading off at a cracking pace early one morning with Brook and Matthew (both under 12 years of age) firmly glued to his horse's tail! After being involved with showing Arabians for many years I returned to endurance about 12 years ago, thanks to the encouragement of Jule Haigh, and many thanks to Ron Haigh for his mentoring and help through those first few years. My husband Ian has been my excellent strapper over those years, but my fondest endurance memory is when we rode together to complete a 40km at Tenterfield. While a Quilty buckle has eluded me, I don't regret my two attempts, but loved the Mini Shahzada - a challenging enough track to make you feel that you have achieved, with time in the afternoon for a nanny nap!

The Tenterfield Club to me exemplifies all that is good in Endurance Riding; a dedicated band of fantastic people who love the sport and are willing to give back to it as much and more than they have got out of it, with a challenging track in a beautiful bush setting. The thing I love most about endurance is the camaraderie and friendship we have found here; we have made lasting friendships of good people with a similar love of horses and the great Australian bush land.

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