Home of the Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club.
Home of the Tenterfield Endurance Riding Club.

Final Ride Review

Tenterfield Endurance Riders Club will pay $1,616 to QERA in ride fees & insurance following the running of the first Hendra Vaccinated Horse Only Trial event 1 week ago.
Our profit is down on previous years but with 77 horses and riders taking advantage of the low entry fees, forest tracks and base facilities the Tenterfield Club will NOT access any funding offered by QERA in the running of this first Hendra Vaccinated Horse Only Ride.
The Club will also book a modest profit this year to fund ride base maintenance and future endurance events. The Tenterfield Club invested over $10,000 of accumulated funds to improve road access, construct vet yards and make the Base more suitable for horse events in 2015/16. Club President Michael Combe said “On top of the 30th Anniversary Celebrations this year Tenterfield provided a fun, value for money ride for everyone attending. The success of the first Hendra Trial Endurance Ride bodes well for other Clubs participating in the trial. With every horse attending vaccinated for Hendra the risk from the virus was eliminated, simplifying protocols for Ride Organizers, Vets, TPR’s and riders.


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